Rural Protect: Specialist insurance for the rural community

Specialist insurance for the rural business community

Rural Protect is a brand new insurance product designed to protect the specific interests of rural businesses. This unique product has been developed by the rural insurance specialists at HB Underwriting in partnership with leading UK and global insurer, AXA, to fill a significant gap in the rural insurance market. The policy is underwritten by AXA Insurance UK plc.

Why do I need Rural Protect?

In today’s world, with every decision potentially opening you up to expensive claims and legal costs, you need cover that protects your business and your personal assets. Rising regulation and an increasingly litigious society mean businesses and their directors and owners are facing an ever-growing rate of claims. With associated legal costs, even winning a legal case can be an expensive process.

What makes Rural Protect different?

This bespoke policy not only provides tailor-made protection for the rural business itself, but crucially, offers personal liability cover to farm managers, directors and owners for any decisions they make in relation to running the business. Also, for the first time, partnerships and sole traders can also enjoy the same level of protection as directors of limited companies.

Key benefits of Rural Protect

Rural Protect is exclusively available to a broad range of rural clients, from working farms and tree surgeons, to estates and equine businesses including stables and riding schools.

The main benefits include:

  • Farm partnerships and sole traders can buy the same level of protection as directors of limited companies - this includes Personal Liability, Company Liability plus an option to add Employment Practices Liability
  • Investigation AND defence costs are covered, plus awards
  • Exclusive product enhancement - Pursuit Cover
  • Supported by leading law firm, rradar, offering free unlimited legal advice protected by “legal privilege”
  • Any professional fees incurred in defending an allegation are covered, e.g. forensic accountants, mechanics
  • Access to PR expertise and costs in the event of an incident
  • Any One Claim Limit of indemnity
  • Quick, efficient quotes and a simplified proposal form

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